According to the Indiana Secretary of State’s office, Cynthia McKinney received only 4 write-in votes in Indiana, with zero recorded for St Joe County. This is not possible as the Indiana Green Party asked members and other citizens to inform the Write-in Vote Coalition if they voted for a legitimate write-in candidate and if so, which precinct they voted in. Based on reports to the coalition, therefore, the numbers reported by the Indiana Secretary of State’s office are fraudulent. (I voted for a legitimate write-in candidate in early voting at precinct 090107 in St Joe County on Wednesday, October 29th and, if the Secretary of State’s report is the “official” results, my vote ONCE AGAIN was disregarded.)

The League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area is going to formally ask the St Joe County Election Board for an explanation.

Brown County (where substantiated write-in votes were reported) reports no votes for any write-in candidates. Marion, Monroe and Vigo counties report no (zero) votes for any candidate, much less write-ins, so something is going on.

Check your county results here.

If voters are being systematically disenfranchised, how can we know ANY of last night’s election results are legitimate?