Let McCain Stay Home from the Presidential Debate


Senator McCain tried to use the smokescreen of working on the Bush Bailout of Wall Street to avoid debating the Democratic presidential candidate.  It must be tough for McCain to think about how he would defend a near 100% record of voting for Bush economic policies in the face of American public outrage at yet another grab at taxpayer money and administrative overreach.


Let McCain stay home.  There are eleven other presidential candidates whose names will either appear on voter’s ballots or who will be official write-in  options for voters  in most states.  The presidential candidates, besides the two the mainstream media are infatuated with, are:

1.      Cynthia McKinney- Green Party

2.      Ralph Nader- Independent

3.      Chuck Baldwin – Constitution Party

4.      Darrel Castle- Independent

5.      Lawson Mitchell Bone-Independent

6.      Bob Barr- Libertarian

7.      Kevin Mottus- Independent

8.      John Leroy Plemons- Independent

9.      Lou Kujowski- Republican

10.      Michael Faith – Americas Party

11.    Brian Moore- Socialist

Why should the amount of money a candidate has in their campaign “war-chest” be the determining factor for inclusion in a debate?  (The fallacy of so-called “electability” doesn’t hold water here; it’s the will of the voters that determines whether a candidate can be elected and should not be left up to corporate-owned news media outlets).


Let a real debate between voter choices be the order of the day.