Nice to see an article about the Green Party’s nomination of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the only major newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia and its suburbs.  The AJC reportedly has an on-line and print audience of 2.3 million readers.  Ms. McKinney was elected to lead the Green Party ticket with Rosa Clemente as her running mate at a four-day convention held at the Palmer House and Symphony Hall in Chicago.

C-Span, whose cameras were in the balcony at Symphony Hall, has video footage of Ms. McKinney’s Green Party acceptance speech on their website.  Now if we can only get C-Span, to add Cynthia McKinney to their webpage depicting four other presidential candidates, including one other whose name will likely not appear on all ballots in the U.S.,  so visiting voters can view all their choices.