The South Bend Tribune recently published a letter from a voter expressing her disappointment over Senator Clinton’s decision to exit the race for the Democratic party’s Presidential nomination. I feel the writer’s pain; I was unable to vote for Congressman Dennis Kucinich in May as he, too, had withdrawn from the Democratic primary. The letter-writer declared she intended to write-in Hillary Clinton’s name on her ballot in November.

Indiana’s election rules stipulate the only write-in votes that may be counted on Election Day are for those for persons registered as “write-in” candidates; write-in votes cast for Clinton or other persons not registered as a write-in with the Indiana State Election Board will not be counted.

Voters considering discarding their vote by staying home on November 4th, writing-in an ineligible person or casting a vote for “not-the-other-guy” should consider voting for this year’s Green Party Presidential candidate.

The Green Party’s National Presidential Convention will be held July 10th-13th in Chicago. Currently Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is leading the delegate count, although the race is far from over. In Indiana, the Green Party candidate will be a legitimate write-in name whose votes must be counted according to State and Federal election law.

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