“Moving Forward as a Cool City”

On June 10, South Bend Mayor Steve Luecke addressed the Michiana Watershed at a meeting marking the organization’s 50+1 year anniversary. Mr. Luecke used this opportunity to highlight the efforts the city is undertaking to meet the goals set in the “Cool Cities” pact to address global climate change and reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

Mayor Luecke specifically mentioned the East Race Hydroelectric Project:

“The City has begun conversations with key partners to explore the creation of a hydroelectric project at the Century Center dam with public and/or private investment. There are several possibilities: In one scenario, the facility could provide power to the city’s North Pumping Station and possibly provide heat or electricity to nearby vendors. Such a project could include a world-class viewing chamber to see fish climbing the fish ladder as well as the interior of the powerhouse.

It’s not easy being green. It’s hard to always be cool. But with imagination, creativity and the commitment of partners like Michiana Watershed, the City of South Bend will move forward to that end.

Now that it’s closer to reality, can we name it?

How terrific it is to see the hydro project show up in an address by the Mayor and to see he included the viewing chamber as a part of the project. Hopefully soon he’ll begin referring to this feature as the “Sheggwe Viewing Chamber” in honor of the name the Potowatomi Native-Americans gave this river that runs through us!