Someone once asked Ghandi if he had a message to send to his people. “My life,” he responded, “is my message.”

Sometimes you wonder what difference one person can make in guiding our culture towards sustainability, then unexpected events occur that make you realize we can all be a part of the solution.

I needed to go to the Post Office Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful day, so I donned my St Joe Valley Greens t-shirt and rode my bike the short distance from my home. While waiting in line, a pleasant young man nodded towards the bike helmet in my hand and commented, “riding your bike, now that’s being ‘green’. Is that what your shirt means or is ‘St Joe Valley Greens’ a golf course?” In answer to his questions, I briefly explained the history of the Green Party, our values and noted that the local Greens are part of the larger Green Party.

“I’d like to be try to be more sustainable, but I don’t know where to begin.” This gave me an opportunity to tell this fellow about the local Sustainable Michiana group, which is part of IUSB’s Center for Sustainability. This group is currently working towards developing a website to help local residents find tips for practices and sources for products that are sustainable. Happily, I had one of my blogsite cards to give him so he could get more information about this, the Green Party and other groups addressing similar issues. As I gave him the card, I quoted Karl-Henrik Robert from the “Natural Step Story“:

“It’s not the last step you make but the first step you take.”

My new friend smiled and said, “that’s a good way to look at it! Thanks!”