Letter to the Editor of the South Bend Tribunepublished 2/14/08

We are beginning to understand the connection between rising fuel prices and the lengths we must go to extract, process and transport fossil fuels.  We are also awakening to how our health and the health of our planet is affected by the fuels we burn and the food we eat.

However, addressing diminishing fuel reserves, tainted food,  polluted air and contaminated water seems daunting.  Can the actions of a single person make a difference, and if so where does one begin?

On Saturday, April 12th, IUSB will be hosting Green Michiana: A Sustainability Fair for Home, Garden and Road.   From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. you can connect with local “green” businesses and organizations promoting alternatives in construction, transportation and gardening. Come learn about ways to reduce waste and recycle more so we may live off the “interest” of our natural resources rather than the “capital”. Bring your clean plastic bags, styrofoam and old computers to prevent these items from going to our landfills.  Speak with city officials such as Gary Gilot, South Bend City Engineer, about your support for sustainable initiatives.

One person at a time, we can help Michiana become part of a network of sustainable communities.  IUSB’s Green Michiana is an ideal place to begin.