The following quotes are from a book titled “The Natural Step Story: Seeding a Quiet Revolution by Karl-Henrik Robèrt.  Robèrt, a Swedish oncologist looked logically and scientifically at human activity and concluded we were on a collision course for survival if we did not begin living sustainably.  Robèrt slowly and methodically recruited scientists, businesses and politicians in eventually encouraging Swedish companies (beginning with IKEA) and citizens to address sustainability in every aspect of human life.  An amazing read.

“Growth”, as I saw it, meant an increase in limited resource use along with an accompanying emission of waste, whereas “development” meant an improvement in the human condition, including health, education, intelligence, wisdom, freedom and the capacity to love.  Physical growth is inherently limited, but development can go on forever–an important distinction.

In a sustainable society we do not affect the ecosystems physically in a way that impededes nature’s biodiversity or its capacity for production.  We live on the “interest” that nature gives us, not its “capital”.