Utah Greens needed 2000 signatures by February 15th to gain ballot access for the Green Party’s presidential candidate.  According to the Green Party of Utah website, they fell short by 300 signatures.  

I was unable to determine what the GP of Utah’s time frame was on when they began gathering signatures.   I gathered over 2000 signatures to try to gain ballot access for the Indiana Green Party’s candidate for Secretary of State.  Statewide, the IGP gathered over 20,000 signatures, however this state requires 30,000 certified voter signatures, so our effort failed as well.

I wonder if someone from the Utah Green Party can share some of the specifics on the signature drive.  Does Utah have a very narrow time frame to gather signatures for ballot access?  Two thousand in comparison to 30,000 doesn’t seem unattainable, however I would like more details on the parameters third parties in Utah must work within to gain ballot access in this democracy.