Biking aficionados from across Michiana gathered Tuesday night at Jeff Nixa and Regina Wilson’s home to continue the work to make Michiana bike-friendly.   Nearly 30 folks representing political organizations, businesses, the media and biking clubs as well as college students and people who simply enjoy cycling socialized over wine, fruit and homemade cookies and breads for the first half hour.   Name tags facilitated the meet-and-greet as new connections were made and familiar ones refreshed. 

During this time, Nixa asked attendees to complete a volunteer checklist for the projects on which they were interested in working.

Nixa then adeptly guided attendees to gather in the cozy family room and asked each person to introduce themselves and what brought them there.   After each person spoke, Nixa added an extra tidbit about that individual that he was personally impressed with.  This added a nice personal dimension; everyone there knew Nixa and by doing this, he gave the rest of the audience a link to that new person.

Paul Taylor shared a brief bike safety video to be aired.  Melanie Myers gave a brief presentation on plans to air public service radio spots promoting biking in Michiana.  She asked for attendees to submit stories and testimonials about biking for consideration for these spots.  I expressed hope that the bike coalition would have a presence at IUSB’s Green Day event on Saturday, April 12th.

The meeting ended slightly before the time advertised, allowing folks to socialize a little longer.

I, for one, felt my time was well spent and and am optimistic that this is a group that will help do great things for biking in Michiana!