I’m so sick of voting for “the lesser of two evils” in our current so-called two-party system, in which the lines between the two continue to blur into one.  In many local races, the “opposing” party doesn’t even bother to field a candidate, leaving voters with NO CHOICE at all.

In November 2008, however, Hoosier voters might actually have a third choice (I haven’t heard if the Libertarians are running a gubernatorial candidate).  Steve Bonney, an organic farmer, former owner of several businesses and former college teacher is running for GOVERNOR OF INDIANA.  He was also the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the 75 year “lease” of the Indiana Toll Road.

Because he is running as an Independent, he will need an astronomical number of signatures to get his name on the ballot.  I hope you are willing to help.  Even if you decide you won’t vote for him, doesn’t it make sense to have more choices representing more voices on the ballot?  After all, a two-party system is only one unit away from a one-party system.

Here is his website: