Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney appear to be the most talked-about probable Green Party U.S. presidential candidates.  Nader is asking for pro bono legal support to challenge restrictive ballot access laws in many states.  This could be an opportunity for the Indiana Green Party to dove-tail these effort to help open up the ballot for third party candidates across the state.

 As it stands, to get a Green or other third party candidate on the Indiana ballot, state election law requires 30,000 certified voter signatures.  Estimates suggest such an effort would cost $30,000 ($1 per legitimate signature).  This puts smaller party candidates at an enormous disadvantage financially and in terms of volunteer energy.  While the controlling two parties are using their resources to market themselves to the masses, third parties are using their limited resources just to enter the race.   Putting up these barriers amounts to de facto closed elections and renders them to be mere exercises in mass marketing.